The Chinese Herb Academy was founded in 1999 by Todd Luger as a vehicle to advance the development of Chinese herbal medicine in the United States. Todd is a 1993 graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He practiced and trained students in the classroom and clinic for 13 years. In recent year years, his focus has been course and curriculum design and educational administration. He was most recently the VP of eLearning for Pacific College of Health and Science (home of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine).

The original incarnation of the Chinese Herb Academy centered around a lively online discussion group that was located on the old Yahoo! Groups platform. Between 1999 and 2011, about 65,000 posts were made to this discussion forum. The Chinese Herb Academy was a pioneer in online continuing education. We began to offer online continuing education courses in 1999. These were the first courses approved by NCCAOM that centered around online discussion forums that had been inspired by the caliber of the group discussion at Yahoo. In fact, we actually delivered the classes from Yahoo groups. In 2003 and 2004, the Chinese Herb Academy had onsite conferences in San Diego California with presenters from all over the world.

The Chinese Herb Academy also hosted a library of articles by Todd Luger and other notable practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine at the time. This latest incarnation of the site will center around a blog that will dive deep into the exciting new research that’s coming out of modern China exploring the intersection between genomics, epigenetics, metabolomics, etc. and the theory and practice of Chinese herbal medicine.

If you want to know more about Todd Luger, you can check out his very detailed professional bio as well as his LinkedIn profile.