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Patients: Find an herbalist in your area here.  Everyone on this list is either a licensed Acupuncturist who is nationally certified or an herbalist who has completed a training program approved by the Chinese Herb Academy. 

Licensed acupuncturists have undergone extensive training and testing over a 3-4 year period before receiving their licenses. The training and credentials of unlicensed herbalists are considered on a case by case basis.  Most names may have direct links to email an herbalist; all listings will help you locate an herbalist.

Members of the Chinese Herb Academy further demonstrate their commitment to continuing education in herbal studies by their regular participation in the worlds largest English language online discussion group devoted exclusively to the professional practice of Chinese Herbology.

This list is no longer maintained, and some entries may be out of date. It served its purpose in its day, but a Google search may serve you better today.


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