Blood stasis and COVID-19

This might be an interest clue for the Chinese medicine community. A pathologist is reporting extensive blood clotting in every organ during her autopsies. We also know that people with certain pre-existing illnesses are much more likely to succumb to the worst effects of COVID-19. Diseases like diabetes and hypertension always ultimately involve significant amounts of blood stasis (from a TCM perspective). One school of thought from Chinese medicine considers blood stasis to be the endpoint of almost all chronic illnesses.

This suggests that addressing blood stasis may be helpful in preventing the most severe effects of a COVID-19 infection. To be clear, I do not think that using strong blood moving herbs in a patient with an active infection would be a prudent course of action, especially if it was done in lieu of standard medical care. I’m not even sure if it would be considered appropriate to use strong blood moving herbs as a preventive measure. I do think both of these things are potentially worthy of further study.