Your body’s stem cell bank account

I heard about this clinic in Panama on the Joe Rogan experience podcast recently. The doctor who runs it has a pretty impressive mainstream resume. If his results are to be believed, the work is intriguing. I recommend exploring this site a bit further. There are some interesting case studies on it and some controlled studies underway using their techniques in the United States.

What caught my attention right now is this article on your body’s stem cell bank account:

The article refers to the stem cell bank one is born with and the impact of one’s lifestyle on that bank. It notes that some people may be born with such large stem cell bank accounts that they can live very healthy and long lives despite poor habits. Others die young despite their fastidiousness. Yet, the end result is the same for all. At some point, one stem cells are no longer reproducing themselves rapidly enough to keep up with the natural process of cell deterioration and death.

For those with a background in Chinese medicine, the similarity between the description of the body’s “stem cell bank account” is strikingly similar to the concept of Jing.  A little searching suggested that some of the herbs traditionally used in traditional Chinese gerontology appear to have a positive impact on the proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells.