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Discussion Forum Policy

The Chinese Herb Academy discussion group is open only to licensed acupuncturists and matriculated students of accredited TCM colleges, as well as postgraduates in related fields, such as Chinese philosophy, pharmacology and others upon approval.

The discussion group is a place to talk about Chinese herbal medicine and related subjects, like Chinese philosophy and modern pharmacology as they relate to the practice of herbology. Any member can ask a question, make a comment or post a response by sending e-mail to Discussion can include basic concepts, clinical cases and research, to name a few.

Product solicitations of any kind are definitely prohibited from this list. However there are periodic announcements of educational events by CHA or other organizations. The owner of the group retains the right to edit or moderate the posts of or ban any member at his sole discretion.

CHA is the owner of the forum and the stored archives, however forum members may use the message archives for personal and educational use. The Forum is a private bulletin board and members may not be quoted in any other medium without their express written consent. However CHA reserves the right to use anonymous quotes from the forum after first requesting permission to quote. Individual forum members own the rights to their own posts, but forum archives cannot be used for profitmaking purposes by members.

If you are not a licensed acupuncturist or matriculated student of TCM or a professional in a related field, then membership on this discussion is group is not the right fit for you. There are other health-related yahoo!Groups open to the public at







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