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Membership to the Chinese Herb Academy is open to licensed healthcare professionals and matriculated students of accredited TCM colleges, as well as approved students, postgraduates and professionals in related fields, such as Chinese philosophy and pharmacology. There are two levels of membership:

General membership to the Chinese Herb Academy is simply a matter of joining the forum that is hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Members can ask questions and reply to all other subscribers by posting comments to the mailing list. Members choose to either receive individual emails, a daily digest or access to daily messages via yahoo!Groups website.

Members also have access to the following features:

      1. Poll your colleagues on any topic
      2. Share files too large for email.
      3. Calendar services - list your event for others to see.
      4. Research Database


  • The Chinese Herb Academy Forum is a mailing list administered by Yahoo! Groups. If you join, you are "opting in" to receive email that is posted to the group.If you do NOT want to receive daily e-mail, you will need to change your settings by choosing the "Edit My Membership" page on yahoo!Groups (after you have registered) and checking the box that says SPECIAL NOTICES. By choosing SPECIAL NOTICES, you may still access/read the messages on yahoo!Groups and post freely. You may also choose to receive a digest of the daily messages in a single email.
  • All members need to be approved by the moderator prior to being given access to the discussion group (to avoid commercial infiltrators, etc.). This is a place to talk about Chinese herbal medicine and related subjects, like Chinese philosophy and modern pharmacology as they relate to the practice of herbology. Any member can ask a question, make a comment or post a response by sending e-mail to Discussion can include basic concepts, clinical cases and research, to name a few. Product solicitations of any kind are definitely prohibited from this list. However there are periodic announcements of educational events by CHA or other organizations. The owner of the group retains the right to ban, edit or moderate the posts of any member at his sole discretion.
  • This group is restrictedto healthcare professionals practicing Chinese Herbal Medicine, students enrolled in formal programs of training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and postgraduates from related disciplines such as pharmacology, medical education, and sinology. There are other health-related Yahoo! Groups open to the public.
  • Click HERE to join the Chinese Herb Academy Discussion Group.

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Professional Listing

The Chinese Herb Academy offers special benefits to our Professional members. Why bother to join? Look what comes up when you type chinese herbalist into google. In return for a small fee, professional members are eligible for the following benefits:

  1. Lifetime Listing in our Online Practitioner Directory (#1 for finding an herbalist in Google)
  2. Link to your professional email address.
  3. Link to your professional or commercial web page

Membership may be paid by Paypal only.

Paypal can be used for all secure purchases (even with a credit card if you are not a Paypal member).

Select the option below that applies to you.

Professional Listing: $50
(new members only)
Listing Update: $25
(current members who
want to update their listing only)

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