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The Chinese Herb Academy now maintains an online database which allows members to upload specific information about cases from your practices. In the discussion group, we often share anecdotal cases, which serves a vital purpose in the oral transmission of TCM methodology. However, the goal for the database is to store and present documented cases.

The database is restricted to cases where some form of objective modern test has been used for at least two points in the course of treatment. This includes standard lab tests and diagnostic imaging, as well as recognized evaluation methods such as visual analog scale and certain pain and depression questionnaires. The idea is to use our strength in numbers to generate some statistics that may be useful in getting funding for research and insurance. The Chinese Herb Academy may use this data to develop some research proposals to be done via its member's offices in the future.

Because we are trying to impress mainstream authorities with our data, we must limit our reporting of objective testing methods to those typically used in biomedicine. On the other hand, this database does not limit how one may arrive at their TCM dx and therapy. Thus, if one uses methods such as NAET and vegatesting to reach dx or select herbs, you may feel free to note this in the "TCM dx method" section or note if you use palpation, AK, four exams, intuition, whatever. It would certainly be interesting given our past discussions to have an idea of what dx methods are working, too.

To add a new case, go to the Documented Cases Table and select "add record". I strongly encourage all members to participate in this important endeavor. The records are open to all members and members only and because they are not indexed by author, your confidentiality is also maintained. Therefore, you can feel free to submit failures as well as successes and above all, be completely straightforward.

All members can use the accumulating statistics in this database in any way they please. The records in the table are fully searchable for all terms, such as disease names, etc. And remember, you can always access yahoo!Group features like the database (and much more) by going to yahoo!Groups, entering your password and clicking on Chineseherbacademy.


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