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Links - monthly newsmagazine for acupuncturists

AAAOM - the oldest professional organization of licensed acupuncturists in America

Blue Poppy Enterprises - check out their extensive new link page, online journal and CEU classes - a massive link database from Al Stone, the founder of Also check out their link to Acublog. The AcuBlog weblog can provide you with some unique headlines that provide links to cutting edge biomedical research as interpreted through the eyes of TCM.

Institute for Traditional Medicine - one of the oldest TCM research and educational institutes in the USA

Legendary Herbs - Legendary Herbs specializes in high-quality tonics and premium concentrated extracts for the professional Chinese medical community. Our business is based upon direct connections at the highest level of the global distribution chain, so we are able to offer products of unparalleled quality and value. We source our concentrated extracts directly from China’s largest and most sophisticated granule producer, and we purchase our ginseng and other premium tonics direct from the Chinese growers and first-tier wholesalers. When you purchase products from Legendary Herbs, you are taking advantage of exceptional Asian connections and the most direct supply chain in the industry.

Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine - founded by Misha Cohen. Misha is Clinic Director, Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine/Paths to Wholeness Research and Education Director, Quan Yin Healing Arts Center Research Specialist, UCSF Institute for Health and Aging. For speaking and writing requests, contact 415-864-7234 or For clinic appointments, contact 415-861-1101 or

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH) - the place to submit a Chinese Herb research funding proposal

TCM-Kongress - A German organization of licensed practitioners that holds annual conferences.

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