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TCM Diagnosis and Treatment Tool

This is a simple, yet powerful, search tool for aiding in the diagnosis of TCM syndromes and prescription of classical herbal formulas. It is based upon the work of Roger Wicke of the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (RMHI). For a much more powerful desktop-based search tool, consider ordering the Traditional Chinese Herbal Sciences CD-ROM from RMHI. Read our review with links to a detailed feature description and ordering information.




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This search window allows complete use of boolean operators.  Click the links above to learn more if you are so inclined.  Use of boolean operators can dramatically enhance the usefulness of your searches.  However it's a bit like algebra — in fact exactly like algebra. 

I am sure most users know some simple commands such as:

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • enclosing an exact phrase in quotes (" ").

They all work here. Otherwise just enter keywords (just like using google). NOTE:  Wiseman terminology is the default (thus vacuity, repletion, depression, etc.).