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Formulas, by category

Release Exterior
 [Release early-stage Exterior disorders
  [Release Exterior Cold]
  [Release Exterior Wind-Heat
  [Release Exterior head-neck

  [Release Exterior disorders with Interior Deficiency
  [Release Exterior-Interior Excess

Clear Heat

  [Clear Qi Aspect Heat
  [Clear Construction Aspect Heat and cool Blood]
  [Clear Heat and relieve Toxicity
  [Clear Heat from Organs
  [Clear Heat from Deficiency
  [Relieve Summer Heat

Drain Downward

  [Purge Heat Accumulation
  [Moisten Intestines and unblock Bowels
  [Warm Yang and guide out Accumulation
  [Drive out Excess Water


  [Harmonize ShaoYang
  [Regulate and harmonize Liver and Spleen
  [Harmonize Stomach and Intestines]

Treat Dryness

  [Gently disperse and moisten Dryness
  [Enrich Yin and moisten Dryness

Expel Dampness

  [Promote urination and leach out Dampness
  [Transform Damp Turbidity]
  [Clear Damp Heat]
  [Warm and Transform Water and Dampness]
  [Dispel Wind Dampness]

Warm Interior Cold

  [Warm Channels and disperse Cold]

  [Warm Middle and dispel Cold]
  [Rescue Devastated Yang


  [Supplement Qi]
  [Supplement Blood
  [Supplement Qi and Blood]
  [Nourish and Supplement Yin
  [Warm and Supplement Yang

Regulate Qi

  [Promote movement of Qi
  [Direct Rebellious Qi Downward

Invigorate Blood

  [Invigorate Blood and dispel Blood Stasis
  [Warm menses and dispel Blood Stasis]
  [Invigorate Blood in cases of trauma

Stop Bleeding

  [Clear Heat and stop bleeding
  [Supplement and stop bleeding

Stabilize and Bind

  [Stabilize Exterior and Lungs]
  [Restrain leakage from Intestines
  [Stabilize Kidneys
  [Stabilize Womb

Calm the Spirit

  [Nourish Heart and calm Spirit
  [Sedate and calm Spirit

Expel Wind

  [Release Wind from Skin and Channels]
  [Extinguish Internal Wind

Open Orifices

  [Clear Heat and open Orifices
  [Warm and open Orifices]
  [Scour Phlegm and open Orifices]

Treat Phlegm

  [Dry Dampness and expel Phlegm]

  [Clear Heat and transform Phlegm

  [Moisten Dryness and transform Phlegm
  [Transform Phlegm and dissipate nodules]
  [Warm and transform Cold Phlegm
  [Transform Phlegm and extinguish Wind
  [Induce Vomiting to discharge Phlegm

Reduce Food Stagnation

  [Reduce Food Stagnation

Expel Parasites

  [Expel Parasites