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Chinese Formula Names (Chinese, Pin Yin, English)

compiled by Chet Cardinale, L.Ac. and Todd Luger, L.Ac.

These are unicode text files. Set your character encoding to unicode or UTF-8 or simplified Chinese if you cannot see chinese characters in this file.

These character can be cut and pasted into a variety of programs such as Word, Textedit, Dreamweaver (with page properties set to UTF-8), Apple Mail and Wenlin.

The English is all Wiseman terms. There are only single spaces between words, but there are actually three parts (Chinese characters, pin yin and English).

These files are posted for use by students and teachers learning to read Chinese or who need a quick reference or merely need to insert some characters into a document.

For those who are serious about learning to read medical Chinese, term lists more extensive than this plus additional instructional materials can be found in various books by Nigel Wiseman, Bob Flaws and Paul Unschuld.

To find any term, just use your browser's find command (command F on Macs, control F on PC)

艾附暖宫丸 ai fu nuan gong wan mugwort&cyperus warm the uterus pills
安宫牛黄丸 an gong niu huang wan quiet the palace bezoar pills
八味地黄丸 ba wei di huang wan eight flavors rehmannia pills
八仙长寿丸 ba xian chang shou wan eight immortals long life pills
八珍汤 ba zhen tang eight pearls pills
八正汤 ba zheng tang eight (ingredients)correcting decoction
败毒散 bai du san vanquish toxins powder
百合固金汤 bai he gu jin tang lily secure metal decoction
白虎汤 bai hu tang white tiger decoction
白头翁汤 bai tou weng tang pulsatilla decoction
半夏白术天麻汤 ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang pinellia,atractylodes&gastrodia decoction
半夏泻心汤 ban xia xie xin tang pinelllia drain the heart decoction
保和丸 bao he wan protect harmony pills
贝母栝楼散 bei mu gua lou san fritillaria&trichosanthes powder
补中益气汤 bu zhong yi qi tang supplement the center&boost the qi decoction
柴胡桂枝汤 chai hu gui zhi tang supleurum&cinnamon twig decoction
柴胡龙骨牡蛎汤 chai hu long gu mu li tang bupleurum,dragon bone&oyster shell decoction
大柴胡汤 da chai hu tang major bupleurum dicoction
大承气汤 da cheng qi tang major order the qi decoction
大青龙汤 da qing long tang major blue-green dragon decoction
丹栀逍遥散 dan zhi xiao yao san moutan&gardenia rambling powder
当归六黄汤 dang gui liu huang tang dang gui six yellows decoction
当归芍药散 dang gui shao yao san dang gui &peony powder
导赤散 dao chi san abduct the red powder
导痰汤 dao tan tang abduct phlegm decoction
独活寄生汤气丸 du huo ji sheng tang qi wan angelica pubescens&loranthus decoction capital ai pills
二陈汤 er chen tang two aged(ingredients)decoction
二妙散 er miao san two wonders powder
二仙汤 er xian tang two immortals decoction
甘草泻心汤 gan cao xie xin tang licorice drain the heart decoction
隔下逐瘀汤 ge xia zhu yu tang below the diaphragm dispel stasis decoction
归皮汤 gui pi tang restore the spleen decoction
桂枝加龙骨牡蛎汤 gui zhi jia long fu mu li tang cinnamon twig,dragon bone &oyster shell decoction
桂枝汤 gui zhi tang cinnamon twig decoction
黄连解毒汤 huang lian jie du tang coptis resolve toxins decoction
黄连温胆汤 huang lian wen dan tang coptis warm the gallbladder decoction
胶艾汤 jiao ai tang donkey skin glue&mugwort decoction
金匮肾气丸 jin kui shen qi wan golden cabinet kidney qi pills
橘皮竹茹汤 ju pi zhu ru tang orange peel &caulis bambusae decoction
苓桂术甘汤 ling gui zhu gan tang poria,cinnamon,atractylodes&licorice decoction
六君子汤 liu jun zi tang six gentlemen decoction
六味地黄丸 liu wei di huang wan six flavors rehmannia pills
六一散 liu yi san six to one powder
龙胆泻肝汤 long dan xie gan tang gentiana drain the liver decoction
麻黄汤 ma huang tang ephedra decoction
麻杏甘石汤 ma xing gan shi tang ephedra,armeniaca,licorice&gypsum decoction
麻子仁丸 ma zi ren wan cannabis pills
明目地黄丸 ming mu di huang wan brighten the eyes rehmannia pills
平胃散 pinig wei san level the stomach powder
杞菊地黄丸 qi ju di huang wan lycium&chrysanthemum rehmannia pills
苓连四物汤 lin lian si wu tang scutellaria&coptis four materials decoction
青蒿鳖甲汤 qing hao bie jia tang artemisia capillaris&carapax amydae decoction
清气化痰汤 qing qi hua tan tang clear the qi &transform phlegm pills
人参白虎汤 ren shen bai hu tang ginseng white tiger decoction
三拗汤 san ao tang three rough&ready(ingredients)decoction
三妙散 san miao san three wonders powder
桑菊饮 sang ju yin morus&chrysanthemum drink
桑螵蛸散 sang piao xiao san mantis eggcase powder
少腹逐瘀汤 shao fu zhu yu tang lower abdomen dispel stasis decoction
参苓白术散 shen ling bai zhu san ginseng,poria&atractylodes powder
生化汤 sheng hua tang engendering&transforming deciction
生姜泻心汤 sheng jiang xie xin tang uncooked ginger drain the heart decoction
圣愈汤 sheng yu tang sagely curing decoction
十灰散 shi hui san ten ashes powder
十全大补汤 shi quan da bu tang ten(ingredients)greatly&completely supplementing decoction
失笑散 shi xiao san loose a smile powder
十枣汤 shi zao tang ten dates decoction
四君子汤 si jun zi tang four gentlemen decoction
四妙散 si miao san four wonders powder
四逆散 si ni san four counterflows powder
四逆汤 si ni tang four counterflows decoction
四神丸 si shen wan four spirits pills
四物汤 si wu tang four materials decoction
酸枣仁汤 suan zao ren tang zizyphus spinosa decoction
桃红四物汤 tao hong si wu tang persica&carthamus four materials decoction
天麻钩藤饮 tian ma gou teng yin gastrodia&uncaria drink
调胃承气汤 tiao wei cheng qi tang regulate the stomach&order the qi decoction
调中益气汤 tiao zhong yi qi tang regulate the center&boost the qi decoction
完带汤 wan dai tang end vaginal discharge decoction
胃苓散 we ling san stomach(-quieting)poria decoction
温胆汤 wen dan tang warm the gallbladder decoction
温清饮 wen qing yin warming &clearing drink
五苓散 wu ling san five (ingredients)poria powder
乌梅丸 wu mei wan mume pills
犀角地黄丸 xi jiao di huang wan rhinoceros horn&rehmannia decoction
香砂六君子汤 xiang sha liu jun zi tang auklandia&amomum six gentlemen decoction
小柴胡汤 xiao chai hu tang minor bupleurum decoction
小承气汤 xiao cheng qi tang minor order the qi decoction
小青龙汤 xiao qing long tang minor blue-green dragon decoction
逍遥散 xiao yao san rambling powder
血府逐瘀汤 xue fu zhu yu tang blood chamber dispel stasis decoction
阴陈蒿汤 yin chen hao tang artemisia capillaris decoction
阴陈五苓散 yin chen wu ling san artemisia capillaris five (ingredients)poria powder
银翘散 yin qiao san lonicera&forsythia powder
越鞫丸 yue ju wan escape restraint pills
增液承气汤 zeng ye cheng qi tang increase humors&order the qi decoction
镇肝熄风汤 zhen gan xi feng tang settle the liver&extinguish wind decoction
知白地黄丸 zhi bai di huang wan anemarrhena&phellodendron rehmannia pills
朱砂安神丸 zhu sha an shen wan cinnabar quiet the spirit pills
佐金丸 zuo jin wan left metal pills

Todd Luger, the founder of the Chinese Herb Academy, has been designing courses for face to face and internet instruction for over 12 years. He pioneered the use of the threaded discussion forum in TCM continuing education in 1999, an approach to online teaching that has since become the standard in all mainstream colleges. Todd has been an instructor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for the past 5 years, working with professional educators in the areas of course development, classroom instruction and clinical supervision. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Science Degree in Instructional Design and Technology at Emporia State University in Kansas.

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