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Welcome to the Chinese Herb Academy

The Chinese Herb Academy is a privately run organization that was founded in 1999 in order to create an online vehicle for the critical examination of Chinese Herbal Medicine and other forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

This website provides information and services for both the public and healthcare professionals interested in Chinese Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Herb Information, Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, and related topics.

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Featured Resources

Public Resource Page - Links to the Best Chinese Herb Information on the Internet

Chinese Medical Terms in Chinese, Pinyin and Wiseman (Herbs, Formulas, Patterns)

Instructional Design and Technology in TCM
by Todd Luger

The primary mission of the Chinese Herb Academy is to provide a platform for advanced study in Chinese Herbal Medicine with particular attention to both the exploration of classical texts and the developments of modern scientific research. The goal of this mission is to help lay a foundation for an integral modern 21st century medicine that draws insight from the great medical traditions of Asia, yet is firmly rooted in rigorous scientific research.


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